There is no obligation for service by submitting a Rate Quote form. Grandma Joan acts solely as a recruiting, screening and placement service for discerning families seeking a non-medical live-in caregiver and does not employ or co-employ any live-in. Family is the employer. We provide clients with screened candidates to choose from, editable legal contracts to use with them, and a turnkey means to pay them legally as per their states labor laws. Quoted rates are based on our experience with market rates for similar level needs for top performing candidates. All quoted rates include the employer’s payroll taxes, and any payroll fees. Any rates listed or quoted are to be used as a guideline. All rates, schedules and services are negotiable with the candidates. Clients can always offer more than the quoted rate, but may not be able to offer less due to federal or state labor laws and or employee retention. Grandma Joan does not receive any part of the daily rate that clients pay the live-in or the payroll service. We make our money by charging clients a one-time placement fee that is equal to 5% of the annualized rate. It is paid if and only if the client chooses to hire a candidate that we found and screened for them. We have no other fees. No service in NJ, CT, IL, NV, SC, UT and WV due to their employment laws. CA has laws that limit live-in services or raise the daily rate. Services void where prohibited. 

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