Need a part time job?
Grandma Joans is looking for candidates for a paid roommate pilot who are caring, giving and kind by nature. "Can I help you with that?" "Do you need anything from the store?" "Did you take your bedtime meds yet?" "Want to go visit your brother on Saturday?" 
Want a rent free space?

Looking for Roommates
For Our Elderly Clients 

Paid Roommate
  1. Help Someone
    There are few things as rewarding as the feeling you get from truly helping someone in need. Our clients are mainly elders who need an able bodied person to occasionally help them live safely on their own. This help could be as simple as doing some house chores, helping them button a sweater, taking them food shopping, or helping them use their computer and send emails.
  2. Receive Free Rent
    Our clients will supply you with a private bedroom in their home. You may decorate it with your own things, hang your own pictures, and make it your own private space within theirs. You will share the common spaces, like living room and the kitchen. You can come and go as you please at any time that you are not working for the client. You do not need to pay rent or utilities.
  3. Get Paid
    Our clients understand that your time and help are very valuable, and want to go above and beyond other home sharing models whose compensation stop at the internal rewards of helping someone in need, and free rent. Our clients want to also pay you for 2 to 4 hours each day that you help them around the house or out on errands. The pay will range from $1,200-$2,400 a month.

Ideal Candidates

  1. Nursing Students
    Managing Director
    Nursing and social work students made ideal candidates for our program. Naturally caring, embarking on a caregiver career, and in need of a quite place to study while earning some spending money. They can attend classes full or part time, and help out before or after classes at home with the client.
  2. Empty Nesters
    Managing Director
    Empty nesters make ideal paid roommates because they are already experienced at helping and supporting loved ones in a home setting. Now that their children have moved on they don’t need a large private home anymore, and can help save towards their retirement by saving with the free rent and the extra monthly income.
  3. Single Retirees
    Managing Director
    Retirees make great paid roommates because they appreciate being able to stay “retired” while still adding up to 28k annually into their nest egg by simply helping out with some part time caregiving or assisting with the house chores. An added benefit of joining the program is that it helps both parties remain social.
  4. Caregivers
    Managing Director
    Professional caregivers (CNA, CHHA, PCA, etc..) are our ideal paid roommate. You already are a trained caregiver and can help with those clients who need some ADL or personal care. You would be able to come and go as you please to service other clients outside of your new home.
  5. Grad Students
    Managing Director
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a private space near school to relax and study at? We understand that if you are like most students, your finances are stretched pretty thin. Move in with one of our clients, help them out between classes and studying, and get free rent and some disposable income to help you along your way to graduation.
  6. You
    Managing Director
    We understand that you may be the perfect match for a senior in need in your area, even though you do not fit neatly into one of our “Ideal Candidates” categories. If you have good work and co-habitation references , and are willing to help out a senior in need, then you may apply.


Background Checked


Drug Tested

You will need to obtain and submit to us a criminal background check on yourself. We will send you a list of acceptable vendors to obtain one from. Typical cost is under $40.  
Once you and a client meet and agree on a move in date, you will need to obtain and submit to a digital fingerprint scan. We will send you a list of acceptable vendors to obtain one from. Typical cost is $50.  
Within 2 weeks of your move in date, you will need to obtain and submit a drug test at either a LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics Lab. Typical cost is under $80
Grandma Joans LLC is a private search firm that specializes in connecting families in need with screened candidates to contract privately with. We are not  a "co-employer" with the family. We don't hire or employ any Paid Roommate ourselves.​​