The Nation's Live-in Care Experts
Founder and Owner of Grandma Joans David Petroski
We recruit, screen and place the top live-in caregivers in the country, with private families. We set the family up with a turnkey payroll solution to pay the live-in, and we guarantee each placement for an entire year. Ideal for Dementia, stroke, Parkinsons, or any full time custodial care. There is no need to relocate to a nursing home, we bring the care to you. Grandma Joan has been awarded three national senior-care awards (2014 2017, and 2018), and is BBB Accredited with an A+ Rating.

Since 2010, Grandma Joan's consumer based home-care model has been providing American families with a more affordable solution to choose from than the business directed models of nursing homes and home-care agencies.  

Some Facts About Us

  • Ranked in the Top 1% of Senior-Care Providers in the US and Canada, out of 18,000 Providers, for customer satisfaction. (2014, 2017, and 2018)
  • Started off as a state licensed Home Healthcare Agency, serving clients in Essex County NJ in 2010.
  • Our consumer directed home-care model was born from one of our home care agency clients who desperately needed our service, but couldn't afford our agency rates.
  • In 2011, we opened our service to clients in other states. In less than one year, we had clients from Florida to Maine, and from North Carolina  to California.
  • BBB® Accredited Nationwide (A+ Rating)
  • Proud members of the Alzheimer Association®.
  • The service is named after the founders mother, who has been a caring  RN for over 60 years.
  • We love helping people stay in their homes!
  • Service families in need in 41 states. 

Grandma Joan's Story

We started out as a state licensed home care agency in 2010. Our Grandma Joan's home-care model was born from an exit survey with one of our original home care agency clients. He was distressed about the need to continue our professional live-in services for his mom. She was living alone and had Alzheimer's; however, he was no longer able to afford our high agency rates. It was from this client’s need that Grandma Joans™ was born. We helped him find, screen, and contract with a qualified independent live-in,  all for a onetime set up fee. He paid the independent provider directly and on the books, cutting out our agency overhead.  Grandma Joan's service model was an overnight success, and within a year of its launch we went nationwide.